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Evaluating Compliance with Parking Lot Regulations

Every business owner should ensure that their parking facilities are in compliance with the regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Building Code (CBC) to avoid potential litigation. A business, government agency or other covered entity that restripesits parking lot must ensure that it provides accessible parking. Businesses are also required to remove barriers to access in existing parking lots in order to comply with their ADA obligations when it is feasible to do so. Restriping is relatively simple and inexpensive, and is therefore considered achievable in most circumstances.

  • Accessible parking spaces must be situated on the shortest route of travel to an accessible entrance to the facility. If the structure has multiple accessible entrances with parking in the vicinity, then the parking spaces should be dispersed throughout the parking area and located as close as possible to multiple entrances.
  • The width of van disabled parking spaces and standard double-parking spaces are measured centerline to centerline where parking spaces are delineated by lines. However, when such spaces and aisles are not adjacent to another parking space or accessible aisle, the width measurement can be made from the full width of the line.
  • The minimum length for disabled parking spaces is 216 inches long. The width of disabled parking spaces varies based on configuration.
  • Parking spaces must also have an adjacent access aisle (cross hatched area). Two parking spaces can have the same access aisle. Access aisles width varies based on configuration.
  • In California, access aisle perimeter boundary lines must be blue in color. The access aisle hatched lines are to be a maximum of 36 inches on center in white or blue. The words “NO PARKING” are to be within the access aisle in white letters that are at least 12 inches high and detectable from the adjacent path of vehicles.

If you have questions or concerns about whether your business is in compliance with the ADA and the California Building Code, contact California ADA attorney and certified accessibility specialist (CASp) Cris Vaughan for assistance. To discuss your concerns, please call 310.426.2836 in Los Angeles, 415.492.2854 in San Francisco Bay Area and 916.660.9401 in Sacramento.

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