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Sued For ADA? Our ADA Defense Attorneys Defend Your Business or Property in Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation and ADA Compliance Violation Lawsuits in California.

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Since 2000, Cris Vaughan at Vaughan & Associates Law Office has focused his practice on protecting and defending both public and private businesses and entities in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) matters as well as related State and Federal laws regarding accessibility for the disabled. We are ADA Litigation Attorneys for Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Lawsuits.

Protecting Your Business from ADA and Accessibility Issues
I’m attorney Cris Vaughan, and for over 15 years I have helped business owners throughout California with issues relating to the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, and related laws and regulations that require businesses to provide access to persons with disabilities.

Your business must accommodate individuals with disabilities as a matter of federal and state law – they are potential plaintiffs in lawsuits that could bring about substantial legal fees and costs.

Access compliance law is complex and detailed. Compliance can literally come down to a matter of inches, and what may be sufficient under federal law may not be under California law. Whether you have been in your building for a long time, are constructing a new facility, or are making modifications to your existing building, you need experienced counsel to ensure that you minimize the risk of lawsuits and fines.

Extensive ADA Experience. Effective ADA Litigation Defense.

Cris Vaughan has been an attorney in California since 1981. He is admitted to practice before all the federal district courts in California and a number of other federal district courts. He has successfully represented ADA litigation defendants in both state and federal courts. Cris Vaughan has successfully prosecuted appeals in both state appellate courts and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and has filed a petition for review with the United States Supreme Court. He is an instructor of ADA law and ADA inspection procedures and processes, both for building officials as well as other Certified Access Specialists, or CASp’s, throughout the state of California. He has helped hundreds of clients successfully resolve their ADA access litigation cases so the owner of those businesses or the owner of the property can move forward with their business concerns and not worry about ADA violations. Cris is available to discuss any aspects of an ADA accessibility litigation with you.

As a Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp), ADA consultant and expert witness, as well as an ADA attorney, Cris offers comprehensive counsel and representation designed to help property owners and businesses understand their obligations to identify and remedy problem areas to avoid future litigation.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Don’t let the challenges of accessibility and public accommodation law threaten it. With sound counsel, you can minimize the risk to your business, keep compliance costs in line, and avoid the perils of litigation. Please give me a call. I look forward to assisting you.

Cris Vaughan Has Been Featured In:

The Mercury News

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vaughan as featured in news

Client Testimonials:

Read Dimitri C.‘s review of Vaughan & Associates ADA Lawsuit Defense Attorneys on Yelp

“When another attorney called me to see if I still needed his help on my case, I told him I had hired Cris.  He said that Cris was great and if he (was sued in) a case like this, he would hire Cris too.”  Stan M.

“Thanks to all of you for working on this and getting it taken care of.  It was not a fun situation, but you guys relieved at least some of the pain.”  Daniel R.

“It was a pleasure working with Cris and his staff.”  Don H.

“Thank you for your continued help getting this resolved.  We truly appreciate it.”  Sherri K.

Thank you for representing the interests of (our business) through this litigation. We found your firm to be competent and fair. -Joe H

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Vaughan & Associates: ADA Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Business in ADA & Disabled Access Compliance Violation Lawsuits. We are a Cris Vaughan Law Firm of ADA Defense Attorneys That Helps Defend You in Americans with Disabilities Act Litigation.

We help business and property owners with ADA cases in Sacramento, Loomis, San Rafael, San Francisco (SF), El Segundo, Los Angeles (LA), Placer County, Marin County, Santa Clara County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Bay Area, Northern California, Southern California, and more.

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