Because Vaughan & Associates is in the business of keeping you informed, it is important for you to know what we do with your data you share with us.

What We Collect on You and How We Use it

Simply submitting your contact information allows us to collect your information onto a database through our online MailChimp account. We use this information that you provide to keep you updated through our email based newsletter updates. That is all we do.

Third Party

No parties here! Only Vaughan & Associates collecting your information so we can keep you informed.

Sharing with Police

Like any company, Vaughan & Associates is subject to laws, and part of that means it may turn over your information to the police, if they ask for it. At present, the laws on the books allow police to gain access to a suspect’s files without a warrant, as long as they have been stored for 180 days (six months) or more. This may change in the near future thanks to a new bill in Congress.


None of this should have come as any surprise — it’s all standard language. But if there’s one key lesson to take away from all this, it is: Don’t use Vaughan & Associates to do anything illegal. Live by that rule, and you shouldn’t have any problems; unless, of course, Vaughan & Associates gets hacked — which could happen.